Welcome to hifnj.org, home of the newly created Hudson Insurance Federation of New Jersey – HIF for short. We are a Jersey City based association of experienced insurance industry executives and professionals.

Message From the President

We mark the start of 2021 with the founding of the Hudson Insurance Federation of New Jersey, Inc. (HIF). The creation of HIF stems from a recognition expressed among many of the founders that in recent decades a substantial segment of the insurance industry relocated operations “across the river” to Jersey City.

Moreover, across the State of New Jersey, the insurance industry was thought to be in need of an active, broad-based trade association. In conversation after conversation, there was evident enthusiasm among insurance industry leaders for the creation of such an organization. In the 4th quarter of 2020, a founding Board of Trustees came together to create HIF.

As set forth in our mission statement, HIF is comprised of experienced leaders from all sectors and disciplines within the insurance industry, including: property casualty, life and health, brokers/agents, underwriting, claims, regulatory, licensing professionals, third-party administrators, sureties, actuaries, marketing professionals, and on and on.

HIF is established to promote the exchange of ideas and information related to trends in the industry and to create an environment for the professional advancement and networking of industry executives.

As we embark on this journey, all are invited to join HIF and to actively participate. As with any fledgling organization, there are many roles and opportunities for involvement. Please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.


James M. Burns, Esq.
Genova Burns LLC